Fons Empanadas

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-Jackfruit Tinga: Slow simmered onions and jackfruit in a chipotle and garlic sauce, enveloped in a tasty carrot dough. -Beyond Meat and Rice: Yummy beet dough filled with savory andes style ground beyond meat and rice. -Jackfruit Ropa Vieja: Aromatic Cuban style shredded beef jackfruit in a mouthwatering chia dough. -Corn: Turmeric scented dough filled with sweet corn and poblano peppers. -Asian lumpia: Asian style smoked cabbage and carrots wrapped in a palatable sriracha & paprika dough. -Smoky Mushrooms: Smoky mezcal-garlic mushrooms in a greeny spinach dough. Precooked & Frozen to reheat at home in the air fryer or the oven, ready in about 10 minutes.

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Category: Foodie Finds
Variety6 Variety Pack: includes 1 of each, 6 Plant Based Meaty Pack: includes 2 Jackfruit Tinga, 2 Beyond meat and rice, 2 Jackfruit Ropa Vieja, 6 Veggie Pack: includes 2 corn, 2 asian lumpia, 2 smoky mushrooms, 4 dessert pack: includes 4 of the apple cinnamon fons in a blueberry dough, Dessert & Variety Pack, Dessert & Plant Based Meaty Pack, Dessert & Veggie Pack
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