Mac n' Cheese

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Category: Foodie Finds
Certified Gluten-Free (excluding cheese pack) • Dairy-Free • Soy-Free  
Free of Eggs • Vegan Friendly • No Preservatives

 There’s no better comfort food than Mac n’ Cheese! A warm, gooey dish that hits all the right spots and makes you want to lick the bowl clean. Now, with Cassava Mac n’ Cheese, you can eat this delectable dish naturally, deliciously, and freely without any guilt or fear of missing out!

Our delectable Mac n’ Cheese has the same great taste and texture as any other regular Mac n' Cheese, but with added benefits of rice flour, corn, and our superstar ingredient, Cassava flour*.

*Our Cassava flour is made from 100% cassava; a nutrient-rich root vegetable also known as Yuca and is naturally free from gluten.

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