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Organic White Cannellini Bean

Organic White Cannellini Bean

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Our newest member!  Buttery, creamy, delish!  Yep.  She has it all.  Cannellini Beans (aka the white kidney bean) can turn any dish into a fav.    

Stock your pantry with our Organic White Cannellini Beans (15oz).  Try our Quick and simple Tuscan Skillet recipe.

Produced in an allergen-free facility


  • 100% Local (our cans, our farmers, and our company all in America)
  • Grown Organically (yep, that means no GMOs)
  • 100% Real Food - Organic Blonde Chickpeas, Water, Sea Salt (that’s it!)
  • No Refrigeration Required (won’t spoil if your plans change)
  • Eco-Friendly (our Steel Cans Infinitely Recycle!)

Sourced from Chicago, IL

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