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Sharp Pimento Cashew Cheese Log

Sharp Pimento Cashew Cheese Log

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Hellraiser with heart. Lightly sweet, savory and sharp. Tangy, buttery and nutty. Proof that vegan cheese can be delicious according to the New York Times!


Dairy doppelgänger: Sharp Pimento Cheddar, Pub Cheese

Uses: Spread on crackers, chips, pretzels. Works well as spreads on sandwiches. Party starter, party fuel.

Plays nicely with: Crisp veggies, crusty bread, crackers, pretzels. Spread on sandwiches. Anything goes!


Ingredients: Cashews, Filtered Water, Coconut Oil, Almonds, Pimentos, Manischwitz Wine, Salt, Annatto, Cultures & Enzymes. Logs rolled in Toasted Almonds


Product Source: Philadelphia

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