Shell Pasta

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Certified Gluten-Free • Dairy-Free • Soy-Free  
Free of Eggs • Vegan Friendly • No Preservatives

True to our roots, Cassava Shell Pasta is healthy, sustainable, and naturally gluten-free. The versatility of our fun, lite shell-shaped pasta can be tested in rich buttery sauces and refreshing salads.

This fiber-rich pasta has the same great texture and taste as any other regular pasta, but with added benefits of rice flour, corn, and our star ingredient, Cassava flour*. Cassava-based pasta is a great choice for those with dietary restrictions, particularly weight watchers and people with diabetes type 2.

*Our Cassava flour is made from 100% cassava; a nutrient-rich root vegetable also known as Yuca and is naturally free from gluten.

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