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True Grain

TRUE GRAIN - The Bread Winner

TRUE GRAIN - The Bread Winner

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The Bread Winner
Artisan Bread Flour

All of our milling is driven by a passion for artisan bread baking. This flour is crafted to strike a perfect balance between the dark, earthy flavors of a whole grain flour, and the light springiness of a more refined extraction. Our granite stone milling process ensures that plenty of the grain's interesting flavor components -- the germ and bran particles -- get ground into a fine powder and included in this bread flour. The flour is then precisely sifted to create a refined, light flour, perfect for traditional sourdoughs, with earthy, nutty undertones and rich nutritional value. It's milled absolutely fresh.

We ensure that all of the grain we use is totally free of pesticides, is non-gmo, and is grown by the best, most sustainable farms in the midwest.

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