About Us

Horti- (a garden, of a garden, a gardener; enclosed space, enclosure) Port- (to carry)


What is Hortiport ?

Hortiport is an online market aiming to make shopping for local food, beverages and produce as convenient as possible.

Our site is curated with some of our favorite food and beverage items from local businesses, farmers (including our own!), and artisan producers.

Hortiport delivers to the City of Chicago and areas within 50 miles of the City. Deliveries made M-F. Most deliveries are made the next business day from the date of order.

All in the Family

Hortiport is a business built with family, and as we grow we will do everything to make our team feel like family.

Cian O’Mahony, The Man with the Plan
Cian is Hortiport’s founder and CEO ( and pretty much every other position as well…)  He has a background in environmentally friendly construction, and has even won awards for his work in LEED construction--impressive right?!.  But while pursuing his degree in Environmental Policy at Northeastern Illinois University he developed an interest in sustainable food systems, and applied his knowledge as an Executive Director at a nonprofit focusing on sustainability in the restaurant industry. As both construction and restaurant work halted during the early stages of the pandemic, Cian spent much time in his basement and as soon as his wife starting getting worried about him, he emerged with a new website, and plan informed by local farmers and merchants. And just like that Hortiport was born in August of 2020.
Cian is passionate about food, supporting the local economy and is working to achieve Hortiport’s vision of making shopping local the first choice for Chicagoland consumers.
Kristina Butler, The DOM
Our niece Kristina made Hortiport an offer we couldn’t refuse and became our Director of Marketing! Kristina lets her passion about food, aesthetics and lifestyle shine through in Horiport’s vibrant social media pages and other propaganda. Finishing up her degree at the University of South Carolina Darla Moore School of Business with a major in Marketing and a double minor in Advertising & Public Relations and Art Studio with a Concentration in Photography (quite a mouthful), Kristina lends both a business lens and a creative eye to Hortiport’s digital footprint. 

Kristina has had us wrapped around her little finger since childhood, and we cannot wait to see how she makes an indelible mark on the world as she has done with Hortiport.

Anthony O’Mahony, The Mouth at the Market

Anthony, our oldest son was born with the gift of gab and an appetite for life. Anthony enjoys telling farmer’s market customers all about Hortiport, and describes uses of the ingredients with unbridled enthusiasm. He is also a favorite of other market vendors as he loves to patronize their food stands on his numerous breaks.

We love to see Anthony getting people excited about food and fun.

Lolita Sereleas, CFO (Chief Flavor Officer)

Cian’s wife really just wants you to eat your veggies, and is currently buried in the kitchen trying to create new recipes with Hortiport offerings. Lolita is pursuing a diploma in the Plant Based Program at the Escoffier School of Culinary Arts. When she is not cooking, Lolita is busy as the Founding Partner at FUND Consulting, where her work in economic justice introduced her to Healthy Food Financing to address food desserts. As with Cian, Hortiport represents the marriage of her love of food and her passion for economic development. I guess you can say the same about Lolita and Cian’s marriage in general.

Lucas O’Mahony, The Connoisseur 

While not old enough to work yet, Lucas enjoys taste testing for Hortiport and doesn't hold back in his reviews. We are hoping he will work with us one day, but until then he really enjoys his young life of leisure, spending his time playing chess, skateboarding, filming, volunteering, and learning new things.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

As a self-funded startup, Hortiport has grown thanks to the help of family and friends. As we grow we are committed to hiring and managing a diverse team using equitable practices in an inclusive environment. Until we get there, we are proud to work with women and BIPOC businesses on Hortiport.